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Formula 1

Formula 1 should also be known to people who have little knowledge of car or motorcycle racing. And for many, Michael Schumacher is a car racing legend. In this post we will go over some tips that will hopefully help you when betting on motorsports. After all, this sport is quite specific. Let’s go!

Choose a racing discipline to bet on

If you want to race in motorsports, you should first choose a motorsport class that interests you. There are classes and competitions in auto racing (Formula 1, Nascar, Formula 3, DTM, IndyCar Series, FIA Formula 2 Championship) and motorcycle racing (Moto GP, Speedway). There are also rallies (FIA World Rally Championship) and touring car races (World Touring Car Championship). Each of them has its own peculiarities and rules, so it will be of little use to you if you bet on several disciplines at once.

Focus on the racer, not the car

Formula 1

Even if nothing would happen in motorsport without a car, experience and racing skills are factors that determine the outcome of car races. Therefore, read statistics, social media, networks, forums that may relate to racing drivers. His experience, performance and possible injuries are important. Accumulate a lot of knowledge not only about the racer you want to bet on, but about other racers taking part in the race. Get this information online and look for sources that shed light on information from different perspectives.

Place your bet on multiple drivers

Placing your entire bet on one race is very risky. Especially if you are not yet an expert in motorsport betting, it is best to choose 2-3 favorites on which to place your bets.

Research the racing series

Sufficient specialist knowledge of the respective racing series means that you know both the main rules and more specific racing series rules. Also research the race track itself. How long is it? How many laps do the racers have to complete to win?

Get a feel for motorsports by watching events

Formula 1

No matter what sport you bet on, you should get a “feel” for it. And to do that you don’t just have to read about it, you actually have to watch a lot of games. And this rule also applies to motorsport. Take a look at the racing series you want to bet on, ideally not only the most recent but also the previous events.

Choose a provider with high motorsport betting odds

Your motorsport gambling online experience also depends on the bookmaker where you place motorsport tips. Of course, it should be a reliable betting provider that has a German or international gaming license. Then the bookmaker must offer a diverse selection of motorsport betting options. Win bets (bet on overall winner), place bets, special bets, long-term bets, handicap, live bets – all of these motorsport betting markets should be available to you from a good bookmaker. Which car excels in motor racing? Which racer will win a particular lap or lead in practice? There are many betting options in motorsport, and it would be wrong to forgo them because the bookmaker doesn’t have them.

Place a bet on motorsport now and enjoy the thrill! Take our tips to heart and win money!

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